Regulated Industries

Access to the Open Internet for Regulated Industries

From public health to gaming, we’ve managed hundreds of campaigns that require a comprehensive device graph, strategic publisher relationships, and additional compliance standards.

  • Unstructured Lookalike Targeting for Prospecting: Our prospecting algorithm is based on 11.3mm data points that score user behavior in microseconds. This allows us to spend many less dollars to drive more awareness, product acquisition, and visitation. 99% of in-market regulated technologies can only prospect on whitelists, substantially minimizing the ability to get in front of someone when it’s actually the right time, as opposed to when they’re just online and in front of a device.
  • Regulated Device Graph: Access 300mm unified profiles across the US. Our proprietary device graph connects each unified profile to their respective devices across desktop, mobile, tablet, and TV, with an average of seven device IDs per profile.
  • Publisher Network: Our publisher network consists of 96 publisher groups that are 100% approved for Regulated Industries.
  • Reporting: Dashboard login for realtime reporting access. Reporting includes impressions, behaviors, sales, audience insights, and store visits.
  • Consumer Privacy: HIPAA, COPPA, GDPR, and CCPA approved.