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9 Benefits of Using a Campaign Planner

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Brad La Pointe
9 Benefits of Using a Campaign Planner
Programmatic Advertising, Solutions

9 Benefits of Using a Campaign Planner

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9 Benefits of Using a Campaign Planner

Small Biz Genius says consistent brand exposure leads to 23% more revenue. If you want to boost profits with your marketing campaigns this year, you want to track your efforts. You should be able to see what method you used, how much you spent, and how it impacted your organization.

Having these details at your fingertips can be tricky without a campaign planner. Make life simple! Let a campaign planning tool do the heavy lifting.

Is it magic? Campaign planners are not “magic,” but they feel magical! Here is why. 

  1. Set Clear Goals and Objectives

Every campaign must begin with an aim. The goals you set outline a definition of what the intention of the campaign is. The objective could be a new product launch, brand awareness, lead generation, etc.

Goals and objectives should be specific, but also, they must be realistic. It means considering everything about the campaign, including the budget, the available resources, and the schedule. Further, the aim should match the overall goals of the business.

A campaign planner lets you communicate the campaign’s purpose to all team members.

  1. Using Dashboards For Efficiency

A large part of campaign planning is creating a workflow. It can also be the most challenging if you are not using the right tool. Campaign planners are meant to make a marketing campaign workflow more efficient.

A great example is having a dashboard where you can look at a calendar view. With a glance, you can see the campaigns you have scheduled for the week and the day each one is due. You can get a visual timeline, and you desire to monitor progress.

You can email team members and get the status if there are pending tasks. It is an excellent method to mitigate challenges and stay on target.

  1. Accurate Performance Predictions

You can likely guess how your campaigns will perform, but you will not get the complete picture without monitoring progress. As your results come in, you can adjust if necessary. The simplest way that a campaign planner can help is by creating tasks.

This allows you to track the various types of campaigns you are running, the price, and their impact. With this granular detail, you can create forecasts. Then, you can add multiple new tasks for various digital media spaces, including programmatic ads and much more.

The individual completing each task will mark it complete as it is done. Then, you can compare the results, discovering what had the most significant impact.

  1. Better Cost Control

Before you can create your campaign design, you must have a budget. The spending you allocate will need to fall within budget. Not only that, but you want to assign costs in a way that will get you the most considerable reach and the highest ROI.

This means having a campaign planner help you find EMV, or “earned media value.” Tasks and performance metrics will give you clarity. With a good handle on cost data, you will know you are within budget and have complete control over marketing costs.

  1. Optimize Based on Results

Organizations can find optimizing their marketing campaigns quite challenging without the right tool. Creating manual reports could prove time-consuming and tedious. However, having the data to refine a campaign and generate better performance is a fantastic reward.

There is no need to do things the hard way to feel that wonderful sense of accomplishment. A campaign planning tool makes optimizing marketing ideas a snap!

  1. Accountability

Working with a team requires collaboration. “Teamwork makes the dream work” if everyone is doing their part. A campaign planner sets the structure.

The planner identifies tasks the individual is responsible for and when that tasks must be completed. Marketing teams include data analysts, digital marketing specialists, SEO experts, content creators, and others. Your group can consist of in-house, full-time employees, or you may outsource particular roles with contractors.

  1. Organized Collaboration

Teams are successful when the collaboration is seamless. For marketing teams that operate remotely, “seamless” can get tricky without the assistance of a planning tool. You need a central location that contains clear communication.

Collaborating with a digital tool is vital for remote teams, making campaigns run flawlessly. It provides everyone involved transparency as to who is assigned to each task, and if you need to, it allows you to reassign a task. When you work transparently, it eliminates misunderstandings and avoids potential conflict.

Teams work with a greater sense of morale because they have the same updated information as everyone else and are not running into snags due to a lack of communication. Team members are more engaged in the marketing campaign.

  1. A Systematic Approach

A campaign planner automates project management tasks. It helps the manager of the campaign execute and mobilize plans. One person overseeing the team can quickly see that all team members are working according to plan and timeline.

An automated approach to the workflow means alleviating human burden where they can devote their attention to progress and success over more tedious tasks.

  1. Ensures Follow Proper Through

Planning stages are essential for a successful result. A part of campaign planning is setting strict deadlines. While timelines are important for staying on track, marketing campaigns are fluid, so timelines should be flexible.

Still, setting a timeline is complex. Especially when there are many activities taking place. Your team needs to have a goal of performing a smooth execution. Planning tools make progress simple.

A Campaign Planner With Power

The benefits speak for themselves. When you collaborate with a team, you need a campaign planner. Version2 can help.

Specializing in algorithmically-driven performance solutions and programmatic media strategy, Version2 is an advertising tech company. Their platform, ORION, lets you buy best-in-class programmatic technology directly. This empowers your advertisers and agencies to quickly enhance your strategy and drive superior results.

Everything you need for marketing strategy performance, Version2 has one unique platform. Contact the professionals at Version2 today to learn more.

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