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Gabb Wireless is a cellular network designed to be completely safe for children. The company believes children deserve age-appropriate technology solutions that protect them from harmful content and destructive habits while enabling healthy growth and development.

Provide kids with a safe means of communication by increasing purchases of Gabb Wireless Devices.
Incremental Site Conversions
Return on Ad Spend of 5:1
Parents Aged 25-54
What they needed


Gabb Wireless needed to discover new, cost-effective communication strategies to inspire parents nationwide to take meaningful action to ensure the safety of their children through purchasing the appropriate cellular device.


Gabb Wireless partnered with Version2, with its rich experience in public health and behavioral health initiatives and a deep understanding of the motivations of parents today, and its technology solution ORION, to build an omni-channel media plan utilizing Native Display, Social Display, and Performance Display.

  • Native Display ads have an authentic, editorial feel, less disruptive and more engaging than traditional advertising methods, designed to be more relevant and interesting to the user.
  • Social Display distributes social media posts outside the walled gardens of their platforms, often using existing media buying infrastructure. Typical click and engagement performance is 3x greater than traditional display.
  • Performance Display mitigates wasted ad spend common with traditional advertising tactics due to human lag-time and error. It utilizes millions of datapoints in real time to reach someone at the right time and place across devices such as a desktop, phone, or tablet.


Version2 helped Gabb Wireless better understand. in real time, the highest converters of those poised to engage and purchase Gabb Wireless Devices, to further their mission of protecting youth:

  • Women, Ages 35-39
  • Has a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Average Income of 100-149k
  • Interests include cooking, going to the movies, and other behaviors that signal quality time spent with children and family
  • Purchasing behavior includes shopping for shoes, travel arrangements, and other family items
  • Homeowner
  • Has an elderly person in the house
  • Works from home office


In a time where misinformation, cyber-bullying, and other growing online threats endanger the well-being and development of youth, Version2 discovered the right time and place across all devices to position Gabb Wireless as the leading cellphone solution to keep children connected to their parents safely.

Version2 executed an omni-channel media plan that reached parents searching for better ways to stay in contact with their children, optimizing with dynamic learnings driven by millions of data points in real time, resulting in a 13:1 Return on Ad Spend.

Return on Ad Spend
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