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The Louisiana Tourism Coastal Coalition is a leading non-profit destination marketing organization in the southwest region of Louisiana. Following the historic 2010 BP oil spill, Louisiana’s coastal parishes led a united effort to mitigate the economic impact to the tourism stakeholders and communicate with one voice.

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Louisiana Tourism Coastal Coalition
Cajun Coast Tourism
Drive awareness for the 10 coastal parishes (counties) of Louisiana
Incremental Site Conversions
Houston DMA, New Orleans DMA
Adults 25+
What they needed


The Louisiana Tourism Coastal Coalition was formed to address the immediate and long-term impact from tourism losses and create a unified approach to recovery. They needed to discover a new way to reach tourists and residents throughout the state to drive them to the area amidst a seasonal dip in tourism. They would need to alter misconceptions surrounding travel during an off season to boost tourist activity, which required enterprise advertising technology that they did not have in-house.


Version2 built and executed a performance cross-device, digital media plan with high levels of frequency and multiple touch points within a user’s journey, leveraging behavioral and psychographic signals to fuel media buying efficiencies and drive awareness.


  • 1st Party | Retargeting
  • 2nd and 3rd Party | Travelers, Festival-goers, Foodies, Fishing and Outdoor Enthusiasts


  • Version2 scheduled weekly check in calls with the Louisiana Tourism Coastal Coalition team to ensure cohesive & efficient communication throughout the duration of the campaign
  • ORION analytics dashboard provided for real time campaign performance, along with additional insights sent weekly
  • Ongoing audience & targeting optimizations made by dedicated Ad Operations team
  • ORION Audience Insights provided conversion & return on ad spend lift performance by Geography, Gender, Content Affinity, Age, Time of Day, Day of Week, Past Purchases, Income, Ad Size, and Top Customer listings


Programmatic advertising is able to provide information on how individuals respond to messaging. Version2’s selected tactics ensured that they would surface critical information for the Louisiana Tourism Coastal Coalition team.

  • Festival-Goers were discovered to be the more engaged with creative focused on outdoor activities
  • People in the $50-$74,999 income bracket were drawn to the campaign the most
  • People most often participated with the creative via Smartphone
  • 55-64 year olds were the most active with the campaign
  • Men and women both were equally reached by the campaign, with little variance between genders


The Louisiana Tourism Coastal Coalition, a leading non-profit destination marketing organization, needed to discover new ways to beat post-holiday marketing woes and weather- based trepidation surrounding travel and outdoor activities across the ten coastal counties in Louisiana that they oversee.

Version2 executed a campaign through an intuitive and innovative approach to programmatic media that drove excitement about the beauty of the Louisiana coast while dramatically exceeding industry standards. The campaign resulted in over 13,000 visits to the site, yielding a 1.09% click through rate, exceeding the Primary KPI CTR Goal by more than 10x.

Click Through Rate
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