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Newk’s Eatery is an upscale, fast casual café which operates over 100 restaurants in 14 states, with a focus on quality by making items from scratch with fresh ingredients in each store daily.

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Newk’s Eatery
Newk’s Eatery
Bring in new customers, drive online ordering and delivery sales, while increasing brand awareness and reach.
Acquisition, Brand Awareness, Reach
Video Completion Rate, CPA
Location targeting for: dining in, healthy eaters, & more
What they needed


Drive online ordering and delivery sales while promoting Newk’s products. Additionally, Newk’s wanted to leverage premium CTV inventory across Paramount, Hulu & Peacock for brand awareness & reach. The client wanted to utilize self-service platforms, ORION, to accomplish their sales and reach goals.


Newk’s partnered with Version2 and used their platform ORION to access multiple DSPs and leverage premium CTV inventory across Paramount, Hulu & Peacock for brand awareness & reach.

  • Connected TV (CTV) is any device that can stream video over the internet. Ads served on CTV can be measured more granularly than linear TV, because of its highly specific attribution abilities.
  • Using CTV, Newk’s was able to serve their ads at the right time, with more efficacy because they had access to specific audience data.
  • Additionally, real-time results were provided throughout the duration of the campaign to help optimize and attribute merit to it.
Cost Per Acquisition
Video Completion Rate
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